Obscenity Case Filed Against Apsaras

Dec 23, 2006, KLNS

Blogosphere: A case has been filed against Apsaras in Indian mythology, including Menaka, Urvashi and others, under Sections 292 (vulgarity) and 509 (derogatory to women) of the Indian Penal Code. The case cites various instances where they distracted various rishis from their tapasya according to Mahabharata and Ramayana (amongst other historical accounts). The case also cites Vyasa as co-defendant due to his descriptions in Mahabharata of these stories.

The complainant has alleged that women across ages have felt offended after reading the scenes and they also promoted vulgarity in society, especially among the youth. Also, many a women have felt inferior due to the descriptions of the beautiful apsaras given in our mythological literature.

When asked how the court can find the defendants, the complainant said, "Since Vyasa is one of the eight Chiranjiv, there should not be any problem for him to appear in front of court. The same goes for the apsaras." If the defendants do not appear before court on given dates, they may be cited for contempt of court, and a non-bailable arrest warrant can be issued, he added. He also added that he has asked Vyasa to stop using the "Maharshi" epithet due to his role in maligning hindu culture.

Many organisations have shown their whole-hearted support for the complainant, and have expressed their readiness to take up any costs the case might incur. "This case represents a major point in our fight against obscenity in our culture, which promotes vulgarity amongst our children. We are looking forward to winning this case, and there are plans for more such cases in future," the complainant told our Khabarilal.

Khabari LOL Is Here...

Dec 17, 2006, KLNS

Blogosphere: Indian Blogosphere today noticed inauguration of a new news blog, "Khabari LOL". The blog will cater to those who take all their news, fake style.

"We have always wondered why there was no Indian 'Onion' around," one editor told us, on condition of anonymity. "I mean, people who listen to politicians' speeches and promises every election cycle cannot not like humour, right?"

"But recently, scanning the news in Indian newspapers, we saw that the reality was really a lot stranger than any fiction we could come up with. So, we postponed the plan to start a fake news blog" he added.

"And we had exams to finish," another editor added candidly.

But, now with exams behind them, and new purpose in their (typing) fingers, these people are set on bringing the best Indian fake news to Indian blogosphere.

There are also some rumours that they will have posts which comment on real news across India, but the editors refused comment on the rumour.